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Article VI - Meetings

Section 1:    Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of every month between September and June.

Section 2:    Five (5) voting members including at least one officer shall constitute a quorum for voting at any membership meeting.  No vote may be conducted without a quorum except for a vote to adjourn the meeting.

Section 3:    Any member may request a special meeting of the WHNA through the Executive Board.  The Executive Board will officially call a special meeting if deemed necessary.

Section 4:    Meetings of a Special Committee may be called by its Chairperson at any time.

Section 5:    Attendance:
  • All members are expected to make every effort to attend monthly meetings as the success of the WHNA depends upon an active, involved membership.
  • Executive Board members must attend at least (but are not limited to) six meetings per year.  Excessive absences of an Executive Board member may result in removal from office.
  • Executive Board members are required to notify at least one other officer in advance of a meeting if unable to attend.
  • Attendance shall be registered by a sign-in sheet which shall be maintained by the Membership Secretary.
Section 6:    All meetings shall be governed under Robert’s Rules of Order unless otherwise specified in these bylaws.