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Article IV - Membership

Section 1:    A member is defined as any dues paying individual, business or other entity residing, owning real estate or located within the WHNA boundaries that attends meetings and actively supports the objectives of the WHNA as stated in Article II.

Section 2:    The boundaries of the Western Hills Neighborhood are defined as follows*:

  • Western City Border from I-84 to the northwest corner of the Western Hills Golf Course
  • The north border of the Western Hills Golf Course to the northeast corner
  • The northeast golf course corner to Devonwood Drive
  • Devonwood Drive to Delaware Avenue
  • Delaware Avenue to Grandview Avenue
  • Grandview Avenue to West Main Street
  • West Main Street to Watertown Avenue
  • Watertown Avenue to I-84 West On-ramp
  • I-84 West On-ramp to I-84
  • I-84 to Western City Border
* Western Hills Neighborhood includes all the connecting streets and roads which lie within the above boundaries.

Section 3:    Membership in good standing is established through paying dues, a minimum attendance of at least four regularly monthly meetings per year, supporting the objectives of the WHNA and by providing current contact information for all correspondence including an e-mail address if the member has one.  Attendance at meetings for voting rights shall be determined by members signing in on a sign in sheet.

Section 4:    Member voting rights shall be as follows:

  • Members in good standing shall have voting rights with regard to all WHNA business.  Voting members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Individuals and businesses not residing, owning real estate or located within the boundaries of WHNA may pay dues and participate in events but shall be considered Auxiliary Members and shall not have voting rights.
  • Businesses or other entities owning or leasing real estate within the WHNA boundaries are entitled to the same voting rights as individual members.  Businesses or other entities shall provide the names of a primary and an alternate voting representative to the WHNA.  The alternate representative shall be entitled to vote only if the primary representative is absent.

Section 5:    Any member whose conduct is deemed by the Executive Board to be detrimental to the best interests of the WHNA may be disciplined by being suspended or expelled for an appropriate period to be defined by the Executive Board.  Notice of the Board’s intent to discipline a member shall be provided to the member by registered mail at least 30 days prior to the meeting where the final disciplinary vote is to be taken.  The member shall have the right to appear before the Executive Board and show cause why he/she should not be disciplined.    If such an appeal is denied or if the notification is ignored, the discipline shall be enforced per the vote of the Board.

Section 6:    The WHNA Executive Board may establish an Advisory Board which shall consist of past elected officers of the WHNA provided they are still WHNA members.