Welcome to Waterbury's Western Hills

Situated on The Brass City's western border, Western Hills is a unique community with a history spanning three centuries and a diverse blend of residences, businesses, parks, and people.  Extending South from Western Hills Golf Course to I84 and East from the town line to Waterbury Hospital, Western Hills provides opportunities for outdoor entertainment as well as an engaging nightlife.

Western Hills is home to residents whose families have lived here for generations along with young professionals, shopkeepers, and families with young children. Its thriving residential areas make it one of the city’s most charming and livable communities.

For any safety or suspicious activities in the Western Hills Neighborhood that does not warrant 911, we are urged to contact Community Police Officer DiGiovancarlo at 203-509-4049 (cell – text or voice), 203-574-6962 x4312 (office - voice) or email mdigiovancarlo@wtbypd.org.  Officer DiGiovancarlo is especially interested in vehicles registered out-of-state but used by city residents.

The State has approved $375,000 for the design of improvements for Lakeside Blvd. East.  See Lakeside Blvd Repair link under News in the left side of this page.

2019 update:  May 10 - A design firm has been selected however several approvals are required before the award is made and design work begins. The design work is anticipated to be completed within 2 years, including meetings with residents during the process.  No construction funding will be sought until the design work is completed. 

The planned interim repaving of Lakeside Blvd East and Newfield Ave has been completed, as well as paving at the end of Park Rd at the Middlebury border and the end of West Main Street near NVCC.

A note about our Treasury:
WHNA has a significant balance in our savings account as typically reported in our Minutes, most of which was accumulated through generous donations during our 2007 efforts to influence development plans east of the Western Hills Golf Course.  It was this effort that led to the founding of the WHNA.  It has been the goal of WHNA to maintain these funds so they are available for legal or consultant assistance if land-use issues need to be addressed in our neighborhood in the future.  The dues collected each year have been used primarily to support the installation of the 17 flags displayed each summer along West Main Street west of Route 8.  This plan has worked well to date, with only one fund-raiser conducted, when WHNA first installed the flags in 2010.

Tom Harman